A first for Egyptian TV: woman with Down Syndrome hosts morning show


Published: 2018-12-06 14:39

Last Updated: 2023-05-28 09:50

She's an inspirational young lady. (Facebook)
She's an inspirational young lady. (Facebook)

A young Egyptian woman with Down Syndrome has been granted her lifelong dream of becoming a TV presenter.

In tandem with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3), Rahma Khaled Hussein, was given the opportunity to present one episode of the morning show “Yawm Jadeed” on Al Ghad TV on Sunday, December 2.

Rahma told Al Watan news that she was so thrilled about making her TV debut that “I couldn’t sleep all night. I kept hugging my dress.”

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The 22-year-old is a graduate from the Alson Institute for Tourism, Hotels & Computer Systems, but since then has started taking mass media courses, according to Scoop Empire.

Impressively, Rahma is also a swimming, tennis and basketball champion. She began her professional swimming training aged 13. Her hard work paid off as she has won gold medals at the Special Olympics.

Bur Rahma couldn’t have risen to the top without the help of her mother, Amal el-Otaif, who, as a speech therapist, has given her daughter years of speech therapy to realize her media dream.

Watch the inspiring young lady make her TV debut below: