Teacher assaulted in Amman


Published: 2018-11-14 15:52

Last Updated: 2018-11-14 16:17

Teacher assaulted in Amman
Teacher assaulted in Amman
Roya News Source

Jordanian Ministry of Education followed on the assault case that was carried against a school in Dahiyat Al Ameer Hassan by a pupil’s parent and his associates, according to the Education Ministry's spokesman, Walid Al-Jallad.

The school, which functions under the umbrella of Marka’s Directorate of Education, is a public school. Al-Jallad stressed that the Ministry is keen to protect the dignity of the educational institution and the dignity of teachers, pointing out that the ministry is following up with the official authorities to take all necessary and legal measures regarding the case.

Director of Marka District Education Directorate, Intesar Abu-Shari'a, said that while she was in the school administration with the teachers, she was surprised by a student's parent barging into the administration room, who attacked the teacher and threatened him.

Abu-Shari'a contacted both the Ministry of Education and the police, who reached the school immediately, with the presence of Teachers Syndicate's Vice President, Ibrahim Shabaneh.

Abu-Shari'a confirmed that the student's guardian did not submit any complaint to the Directorate or the school against the teacher, stressing that a commission of inquiry formed to this end prepared a detailed report on what happened.