The most widespread diseases amongst Jordanian school kids


Published: 2018-11-13 12:24

Last Updated: 2018-11-13 13:10

Head lice is the most common health condition amongst school kids in Jordan. (Head Start)
Head lice is the most common health condition amongst school kids in Jordan. (Head Start)
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Head lice found in students’ hair is the most prevalent health condition amongst students in both private and public schools in Jordan.

Nationwide school inspection visits conducted by the Ministry of Education found that public schools accounted for 63% (out of 3,902 schools) of the total number of environmental negatives, compared to 36% (out of 2,456 schools) of those found in private schools, according to the ministry's semi-annual statistical report on school health.

The report has also found that the most widespread diseases amongst students were due to negligence in personal hygiene.

Some of those health problems included:

- 9,894 students had head lice
- 1,483 students had a fungal disease
- 201 students had intestinal worms
- 412 students had chickenpox
- 27 students had scabies
- 25 students had the mumps
- Five students had hepatitis

Other reported conditions included:

- 3,971 internal illnesses
- 4,355 skin conditions
- 3,573 eye-related conditions
- 4,282 illnesses related to the nose, ears and throat
- 30 cases of spinal deformities

Meanwhile, 65% of the 140,000 first, fourth and seventh graders inspected in private schools were suffering from different mouth and teeth-related conditions, while 69% of the 326,000 students from the same grades inspected in public schools suffered from the same conditions.

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