Update: Madaba school vandalism, investigated


Published: 2018-10-14 17:49

Last Updated: 2018-10-14 19:10

Video screenshot of Madaba school vandalism
Video screenshot of Madaba school vandalism
Roya News Source

Madaba's Directorate of Education decided to transfer seven students from Al Faisaleyyah Secondary School for Boys, after shocking videos of students violently vandalizing their school went viral, on September 3, 2018.

The Director of Education of Madaba, Mohammed Musallam, said that the investigation committee, formed by the Directorate, decided to transfer the students after investigating 21 of the students appearing in the video clips. The investigation was filed to the Ministry of Education, to complete the process.

Another ministerial committee, investigating the teachers of the school, is still ongoing, and it will be issued soon.

A technical decision was taken to transfer all of the school's teachers, after the violent incident carried out by students in protest against the transfer of the school’s principal.

The teachers expressed resentment at the delay of the decision of the committee, especially that the transfer is collective, and is considered as collective punishment. For full story, read: The Madaba school vandalism incident explained.