Awqaf Ministry issues raise for Mosque Imams


Published: 2018-10-06 18:58

Last Updated: 2018-10-06 21:16

Awqaf Ministry issues raise for Mosque Imams
Awqaf Ministry issues raise for Mosque Imams

In a meeting chaired by the Jordanian Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Abdul Nasser Abul Basal, the Preaching and Guidance Directorate decided to raise the fees of Imams and Khatibs (Mosque Prayer Leader) who work for the Ministry. The decision came after an extensive research done by the Awqaf’s directorates.

Based on the Council’s decision, fees of Friday-prayer Khutbah will be raised according to the Imam’s own educational level, which is as follows:

JD 18 if the Imam holds a PhD degree, JD 15 if he holds a Master's Degree, JD 12 if he holds a BA Degree, JD 10 if he holds an Intermediate Diploma, while holders of Secondary Education Certificates (Tawjihi) or lower will get JD 8.

Abul Basal said that the decision came in order to improve Imam’s income, and as a sign of appreciation to their efforts in serving the public worshipers. Adding that the Ministry is currently working on a hierarchical system based on the Imams’ educational levels. This will allow the Ministry to have a better perspective about the financial status of its employees.

In cooperation with the World Islamic Sciences and Education University (WISE University), the Ministry is conducting a training Diploma Program of two million Jordanian Dinars (JD 2,000,000).

The program involves almost all of the Ministries’ employees, including Imams, Katibs, male and female preachers, Mu’azzins, supervisors of Quran Centers, as well as heads of local Islamic Cultural Centers.