Jordanian MP wants alcohol to be banned in the Kingdom


Published: 2018-10-02 10:40

Last Updated: 2024-06-23 23:33

The legal drinking age in Jordan is 18. (Medical Xpress)
The legal drinking age in Jordan is 18. (Medical Xpress)

Member of Parliament Ahmad al-Raqab demanded on Sunday that the government bans all liquor stores in Jordan.

Al-Raqab argued that “alcohol is forbidden in Islam and allowing breweries to make it in our country goes against our religion. Alcohol must be banned in Jordan.”

The MP demanded that PM Omar Razzaz’s Cabinet answers the following questions:

1. How many liquor stores does Jordan have - specific numbers for each Governorate?
2. How many hotels and restaurants are licensed to serve alcohol?
3. How many liquor stores were licensed between May 22, 2013, and September 4, 2018?
4. Were any stores located at petrol stations licensed to sell alcohol?
5. Were any stores near public parks and amenities licensed to sell alcohol?
6. Who is the authority concerned with such licensing in Jordan?
7. What are the regulations a store must follow to issue them a license?
8. What role does the Ministry of Interior play in issuing an alcohol license?

Jordan is a Muslim-majority country, however, it remains liberal - within limits - and tolerant of people from all religions, especially that 6% of the Jordanian population is Christian. 

The legal drinking age in Jordan is 18 and an ID must be presented when ordering or purchasing alcohol.

Alcohol is sold at independent bars and restaurants, hotels and in liquor stores across the Kingdom, and it is a very lucrative business in Jordan.