Jordanian diver to spend three continuous days underwater


Published: 2018-09-27 14:11

Last Updated: 2024-05-25 08:07

Will Nassrat be able to achieve a new world record? (Roya)
Will Nassrat be able to achieve a new world record? (Roya)

Captain Adnan Nassrat is a professional Jordanian diver, who will be making his last diving session for the year 2018 one to remember.

On Friday, Nassrat will dive deep into the waters of Aqaba for three continuous days. He is going through with this adventurous plan, despite not being able to complete two dives in the past two months, after suffering from a sudden health problem while underwater.

Nassrat is hoping to make a splash by breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest time ever spent by a diver underwater, which will be broken if he is able to spend six days in a row underwater.

In the past, the professional diver was able to spend 48 hours underwater, and now he is gradually working his way up to achieve the six-day record.

International diving instructor Omar Madain said that a scientific plan has been drawn to ensure that Nassrat safely completes his victory dive. He added that Nassrat has been training on a daily basis under the supervision of specialised doctors, who confirmed that he is well enough to go ahead with the record-breaking dive, which will be completed in 2019 due to the approaching cold weather.

A medical, fitness and nutrition team will accompany Nassrat on his dive, and he will undergo a full medical check-up after coming out of the water, Madain said.

Once the dive has been successfully completed, a press conference will be held to announce the news and details about the dive, and the next step for the diver.