Jordanian Mohammed Asender inventor of the 'wonder engine'


Published: 2018-09-24 17:32

Last Updated: 2018-09-25 10:41

Jordanian Mohammed Asender inventor of the 'wonder engine'
Jordanian Mohammed Asender inventor of the 'wonder engine'
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Caravan’s new segment “Minds Under the Microscope” (عقول تحت المجهر) deals with the achievements and inventions of Jordanians.

Mohammed Asender, was interviewed by Roya's Caravan in the latest episode.

The inventor of an internal combustion engine, started his journey as a child watching his father who drove trucks of inefficient engines which suffered continuous failures and had high costs of operation.

Asender thought of ways to eliminate the usual engine problems by inventing one of less volume, with stronger power output and less fuel consumption that can run for 700km.

Asender patented his continuous otto piston elliptical engine with the United State Patent Application publication.

Funding came in 2005 from the UAE’s “Al-Rifai Group”, providing technical and financial support, until the deal fell through.

Asender later got a call from the The Royal Hashemite Court informing him that His Majesty King Abdullah II was interested in his invention. Unfortuently, nothing happened.

Asender pointed out that the design of the molds is the most difficult process of the invention, because of the lack of professional engineers in metal engineering, in addition to the lack of sufficient literature.

The “wonder engine” as some call it, has considerably less components, resulting in less pollution, and uses less lubricating oil, hence less contaminating waste.


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To get in touch with the inventor Mohammed Asender, you can reach him at:

077 720 23 90