Parents vandalize school, attack teachers in Zarqa


Published: 2018-09-03 18:53

Last Updated: 2018-09-04 11:15

Parents vandalize school, attack teachers in Zarqa
Parents vandalize school, attack teachers in Zarqa
Roya News Source

The new academic year kicked off with dozens of students violently attacking their school in Madaba. But that wasn’t the only unfortunate school-related incident to take place this week.

In Zarqa, it was parents who took their anger out on a school in the city of Dhlail on Monday.

Parents marched to their local Prince Abdullah School, broke in and assaulted the headmistress and teachers, as well as vandalized school property and forced the students to leave their classrooms.

According to the teachers at the school, the attack took place while both the Zarqa Governorate Director of Education and the Dhlail Center Director were in a meeting with the headmistress, whose office was unrecognizable after the attack.

Parents said that they attacked the school because they were “too upset that the school administrator had ignored their ongoing complaints until this day.”

The school issued an official apology to the Dhlail Center Director, who, in return, refused to accept their apology.

Meanwhile, the Jordanian Teachers Syndicate (JTS) condemned the parents’ actions and demanded that they are punished accordingly.

The JTS has also demanded that protection is provided for the school by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Education, seeing as they are under a direct threat by the parents and are unable to protect themselves.