Ministry of Agriculture: Jordan is Leishmaniasis-free


Published: 2018-09-02 10:30

Last Updated: 2018-09-02 10:31

Ministry of Agriculture: Jordan is Leishmaniasis-free
Ministry of Agriculture: Jordan is Leishmaniasis-free
Roya News Source

Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture refuted the rumor, which has recently spread on social media platforms, that Leishmaniasis cases have been spotted in the Kingdom.

Official Spokesperson in the Ministry, Lawrance Majali, clarified on Sunday morning that such allegations are anything but true. He assured that there were no reported cases of infected animals in the past.

“Leishmaniasis is a disease transmitted by sandflies which carry these parasites to humans, wild animals and pets … The Ministry, through its veterinary staff in all governorates of the Kingdom, is conducting continuous control campaigns against parasites and insects.” Majali added.


Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease that manifests in three different illness-varieties: cutaneous (affects the skin), mucocutaneous (affects the skin and mucous membranes inside the nose and mouth), and visceral (affects the internal organs). The disease is transmitted to humans by a tiny flying insect, sandfly, which carries the Leishmania parasite.

Generally, sleeping under nets treated with insecticide, spraying insecticides to kill sandflies, and treating infected people in the early stages, are all preventive ways used to eliminate further spread of the disease.