19,000 Apartments sold across Jordan since early 2018


Published: 2018-09-01 13:26

Last Updated: 2018-09-01 13:44

Jordan has many beautiful flats on sale. (Eagle Hills)
Jordan has many beautiful flats on sale. (Eagle Hills)
Roya News Source

The property market could start booming once again in Jordan, because, according to participants in the second Jordanian Housing and Real Estate Exhibition, around 19,000 (out of 30,000) apartments across the Kingdom have been sold since putting them on the market earlier this year.

The three-day exhibition launched on Friday to encourage more Jordanians to step on the property ladder.

Most of those flats are almost brand new; many were built in the past few years, while very few were built in 2018.

Property investors believe that real estate companies have had to sell apartments at very competitive prices due to the lack in citizen buying power and the higher number in supply versus demand.

One of the real estate companies participating in the exhibition had this tempting offer: potential homeowners can exchange their old apartment for a new one; meaning the price of their old flat will be taken out of the total price of the new property.

Seventy real estate companies took part in the exhibition, some of which are offering homebuyers free AC, free kitchens and other things when they buy one of their apartments.