Filipina expat wins one million dirhams in Dubai raffle


Published: 2018-08-31 09:12

Last Updated: 2018-08-31 09:27

Gina Soriano was thrilled by the life-changing surprise. (FENCiT)
Gina Soriano  was thrilled by the life-changing surprise. (FENCiT)

A Filipina expat in Dubai hit the jackpot after a raffle ticket made her $272,000 richer. That’s one million Emirati dirhams, which technically makes her a millionairess in the UAE!

Gina Realuyo Soriano, a housemaid who has been working in the UAE for a decade, automatically entered the raffle prize draw after transferring money to her family in the Philippines through Al Ansari Exchange branch at the Mall of the Emirates.

A statement issued by Al Ansari Exchange said that Soriano is the fifth lucky person to win their generous prize, after beating nine others to the punch. Her name was picked out during the draw, which took place at the Metropolitan Hotel in Dubai.

However, the finalists did not go home empty-handed, each “player” received a compensation prize of $2,700. We wouldn’t mind being losers in this case at all!

Soriano was thrilled by the life-changing surprise.

"I was very surprised to be this year's millionaire. This is a life-changing event that will surely help me improve my life and realize all my dreams, including providing a decent life for my family," said Gina.

"Thank you, Al Ansari Exchange, for holding the promo yearly and appreciating us, your loyal customers. I invite all the customers to participate in the succeeding competitions so that they too will have a chance to win valuable prizes and change their lives for the better."