Amman municipality to halt unlicensed valet services


Published: 2018-08-27 17:46

Last Updated: 2023-09-28 04:23

Amman municipality to halt unlicensed valet services
Amman municipality to halt unlicensed valet services

The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) and in cooperation with security authorities are conducting campaigns against unlicensed valets, who provide vehicle parking services without authorization, on daily basis and in all areas of the capital Amman.

Director of the joint administration in GAM, Engineer Mohammad Al-Faouri, announced that the campaign will be removing all roadblocks and road-cones that valet-parkers deliberately install on both sides of the streets and in front of sidewalks in order to pre-reserve vacant parking spots and accordingly force citizens to pay them a parking fee.

GAM will also be following up on the compliance of valet-attendants with the law. Violators will be facing legal charges including that of arrest, Al-Faouri added.

Al-Faouri stressed that those who wish to work as valet service providers should adhere to the regulations and standards set by law, including obtaining a valid license. The employee who provides this service shall bear an identification card highlighting his own and his company’s name.

Everyone is entitled to park in any place that allows vehicle parking, Al-Faouri added. Any ‘no-park’ banner or sign that is privately installed by shop owners, individuals, or establishment is considered illegal.

Al-Faouri urged citizens to report any violations and to submit complaints regarding any illegal parking services they come across through the Municipality's emergency phone numbers 065359970 and 065359971 or through calling 911.