Going back to work post-Eid made easier


Published: 2018-08-25 11:49

Last Updated: 2018-08-25 12:25

get ready to get back to reality, aka work!
get ready to get back to reality, aka work!

Eid Al Adha holiday has come to an end, and although we are eager to have more time off, we must pull ourselves together and get ready to get back to reality, aka work!

Going back to work after days of resting, relaxing and having fun is no easy task, but there certain things you can do to make life at the office a little easier.

Follow these tips and seeing your colleagues again will feel as breezy as your holiday was.

1. Take your time
This is one of the most important steps for an easier return back to work from vacation. So if you are traveling, it is preferable not to go back to the office a few hours before the start of your working day; give yourself enough time to unpack your bags, rearrange your belongings and an early night’s sleep.

2. Organize your work
You may come back to find plenty of papers and reports piled up on your desk. Firstly, make sure your desk is neat and stray papers aren’t making a mess, then check all your emails and write of list of your top priorities for that day.

3. The list
Once you’ve written down your top priorities for that day and the few days to follow, add to the list all the less urgent things you need to do. Make sure that you give each one a deadline to ensure that you will complete the tasks as soon as possible.

4. Focused focus
We often think that if we focus on more than one task at the same time, we will be able to do as much work in a short period of time, but in fact, focusing on a single task will enable you to do it well, and in the shortest time possible.

5. Don’t be distracted
It’s not easy to avoid distractions, especially when you’d like to chat to your colleagues about your Eid break. However, you should try and focus, at least for a few hours, avoid social media, and tell yourself that if you complete this task now, then you’re allowed to (insert reward here).

6. Enjoy life
You’ve just got back from holiday, but that doesn't mean that you should doing the things that put you in high spirits. Dedicate time to recreational activities, such as hiking with friends, watching a movie, playing sports, or reading. Always ensure that you keep that work-life balance alive. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

7. Don’t work overtime
No one expects you to stay behind after work hours just to make up for the days you weren’t in the office. Everyone is in the same boat as you, so follow the tips we’ve provided and you will be back on your feet at work as quickly as you can say “yes boss.”