Not for sale: £2 billion for Liverpool by Emirati Sheikh


Published: 2018-08-24 17:23

Last Updated: 2022-06-27 05:23

Liverpool team.
Liverpool team.

Emirati Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, cousin of Manchester City's owner Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, allegedly offered a staggering two billion pounds for complete takeover of Liverpool FC, according to the Daily Mail.

The talks took place in late 2017 - early 2018, before Khalid bin Sultan Al Nahyan finally offered the massive complete buyout.

Liverpool FC owners, the Fenway Sports Group (FSG), have again denied reports of selling, announcing that the club is not for sale categorically.

Liverpool stated that they “never reached the stage where (the) major shareholders (...) met the Abu Dhabi investors.”

The owners are open to any minor investments as long as they further their commercial interests and continue developing the growth of the team and the club.

Back in 2010, FSG had bought the club from its former owners for an astonishing 300 million pounds. The immense development in the last eight years has changed Liverpool FC remarkably; it is now incredibly valued at two billion pounds.

Currently, Liverpool is second on the Premier League Table, while Manchester City sits on top.