Gold found in sheep's intestines after sacrificing it for Eid Al Adha


Published: 2018-08-23 10:26

Last Updated: 2018-08-23 11:11

A sheep as good as gold. (Modern Farmer)
A sheep as good as gold. (Modern Farmer)

A group of women in Asyut, Egypt, found a little surprise inside one of the sheep someone had bought for sacrifice on Eid Al Adha.

Local media reported that while a group of ladies were cleaning the sheep’s intestines, they found a precious gold earring that had been swallowed by the animal before being slaughtered.

The ladies considered this as a good luck charm and a “eideyyeh” (Eid gift); they sold the piece of jewelry and split the money amongst themselves.

Today marks the third day of the Muslim holiday, which will end on tomorrow, Friday, August 24.