The Makloubeh Challenge: An internet trend we can certainly stomach


Published: 2018-08-08 13:01

Last Updated: 2021-10-25 06:21

Editor: Arwad Khalifeh

We heart Makloubeh. (
We heart Makloubeh. (

If you don’t have the dance moves, but have got the cooking skills, this new internet challenge is for you.

Mute Drake’s #InMyFeelings track and pick up your pots and pans, because the Maqluba Challenge awaits you.

For those not familiar with Arabic cuisine, Maqluba is a traditional Palestinian rice dish cooked with plenty of spices and aubergines and/or cauliflower.

The fragrant dish, translated into “upside down,” gets its name from the act of flipping the pot upside down, once it’s been cooked, and removing the pot to reveal a layer of delicious onions, aubergines, cauliflowers and meat/chicken resting on top (which were technically at the bottom first).

The trick is for the rice to stand firmly in place without falling apart, and that, our friend, is THE challenge.


How, when, why?

It all kicked off after home cook Mahmoud Hrebat from Palestine posted a Facebook video of himself while attempting to carefully lift the pot off his Maqluba.

The video quickly went viral and social media users in Palestine and the Arab world wanted a piece of the pie, challenging their friends and family to lift the pot off their Maqluba without it crumbling. 

Lifting the pot off a freshly-made Maqluba is quite fun, and each person has a certain way of doing it. Some people tap the pot’s bottom and sides before “lift-off,” others twiggle it sideways to ensure that none of the rice sticks to the sides of the pot, while others go for a swift and quick removal.

What many people also learned from the challenge videos is that each Palestinian city has its own unique Maqluba recipe.

We leave you with this simple recipe so that you too can take part in this delicious challenge.

But hey, don’t forget to share your best Maqluba Challenge videos with us. Sahtein!