Camel owners eye $12 million prize at upcoming race


Published: 2018-08-06 12:40

Last Updated: 2018-08-06 13:15

Camel owners are competing for a $12 million prize. (Albawaba)
Camel owners are competing for a $12 million prize. (Albawaba)

Saudi Arabia is about to host its own version of Britain’s Royal Ascot, except it’s camels, not horses, who will be running the race.

Competing for the grand prize of $12 million, local and international camel breeders can now register online for a chance to enter the Crown Prince Camel Festival, the Saudi Arabian Camels Federation has announced.

The thrilling festival will take place from August 11 until September 2 and will begin with the camel categories “Mafarid, Haqqa, Laqaya, Jatha’a, Thanaya, Heil, Zamoul and Soudaniyat” vying for prizes.

While the main event is the races, there are other scheduled activities for visitors to enjoy, including traditional dance shows, poetry recitals, art exhibitions, arts & crafts and food corners, and educational workshops.

Click here for registration and more information about the festival.