Jordan: regional leader in obesity surgery


Published: 2018-07-27 20:18

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 05:30

Jordan: regional leader in obesity surgery
Jordan: regional leader in obesity surgery

Jordan currently holds the one of the leading position in the Surgery of Obesity both on a regional and an international scale.

During its first conference which was held in Jordan, the local Society for Obesity Surgery received many experts and medical specialists who attended the conference and exchanged medical experiences. The attendees praised the medical development that is happening in Jordan as well as the Society’s continuous efforts in controlling adiposity-based health risks.

Speakers stressed on the fact that Jordan has excellent physicians, surgeons, and medical institutions that follow international standard and excel in technical skills and medical expertise.

Former president of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO), Karl A. Miller, said that Jordan has both the medical capabilities and the advanced techniques that easily makes one of the most successful countries in the Surgery of Obesity. The Kingdom has made a large contribution in boosting scientific research in the field, he added.

Miller stressed that the importance of this conference lies in learning about the latest techniques in obesity surgery as well as exchanging experiences with participating doctors, especially from Jordanian ones.

Obesity surgery is a solution to many health risks as the treatment of ordinary medicine has not yet proved its ability to eliminate obesity, Miller added.

Former Kuwaiti Health Minister, president of the Society for Obesity Surgery in the Gulf, Mohammed Jarallah, said that obesity is an integrated epidemic in the Gulf and burdens these countries both economically and socially as well.

He noted that obesity in the Gulf States affect children, youth and the elderly with a 70% overweight epidemic. Gulf States has a 30% obesity rate – a relatively high rate as obesity is currently classified on top of the medical threats list, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Jarallah stressed that Kuwait is advanced in the field of obesity surgery and has all the necessary resources and required technologies.

He praised the efforts exerted by the Jordanian Society to fight obesity. The conference constituted an opportunity for joint Arab action to reduce the problem of obesity through exchanging experiences and skills and future cooperation.

The conference entitled “Obesity current and future perspectives" took place between July 25-27, 2018.