Jordanian scientist takes first place in Russian 'Nuclear Energy' research


Published: 2018-07-13 17:06

Last Updated: 2018-07-13 20:16

More than 88 students and scientific researchers participated in this competition
More than 88 students and scientific researchers participated in this competition

Jordanian PhD student, Ayman Abu Ghazal, has won first place in a scientific and technical research competition on the level of the Russian Federation at the National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI), Moscow. 

In December 2017, Abu Ghazal succeeded in conducting an experiment to improve a new method of nondestructive testing at the pulsed fast reactor IBR-2 in the Frank Laboratory of neutron physics, at the Joint Institute for nuclear research (JINR), Dubna-Russian Federation. According to MEPhI, Abu Ghazal became the first and only representative of an Arab country to be allowed to conduct an experiment within this reactor.

The scientific research by Abu Ghazal, a student of Moscow's Atomic Energy Commission, is a new way to learn about the state and status of reactor equipment and includes reliable measurement results for nuclear power plants during operation, a new discovery by a Jordanian student who developed a safe method of reactor testing nuclear weapons.

Abu Ghazal presented the results of his experiments at the 13th International Scientific Conference on "The Future of Atomic Energy - 2017" organized by Russian governmental bodies, notably the Russian energy company Russ Atom. The nuclear industry showed interest in this new method and arrangements are being made for an international patent.

88 students and scientific researchers from various Russian universities and research institutes specializing in nuclear energy participated in the competition under the title "Innovative Electronics".

Ayman Abu Ghazal at MEPhI University.