Traffic Points System in Jordan


Published: 2018-07-11 17:48

Last Updated: 2021-03-04 09:32

Traffic Points System in Jordan
Traffic Points System in Jordan

The Central Traffic Department has published the procedures associated with suspending driving licenses according to its new 2018 .

Director of the Central Traffic Department, Brig. Ziad Bakir, called on all associated stations to submit their traffic-violation logs to the official traffic registry, regardless of the nature of the violation or its issuing date.

According to the new ‘Traffic Points System’, any driver with less than 16 points has the option to attend a training course at the Jordan Traffic Institute in order to qualify for cancelling 8 of these registered points. The driver may enroll in the course only once a year.

In case your points exceed 16, the driver’s license will be suspended along with the following procedures:

  • Providing the driver with a license-suspension document, a temporary driving pass, for 24 hours.
  • Referring the suspended license to the Drivers and Vehicles License Department (DVLD) together with the reason behind the suspension, license number, driver’s name, issuing date, issuing place, and the total number of penalty points recorded.
  • Creating a record for the associated license in the ‘Traffic Points System’ log according to the details listed in the license-suspension document.
  • Once the suspension period is over, the driver can retrieve his/her license upon the following:
    • Reviewing the driver’s accumulated points in the ‘Traffic Points System’ log.
    • If the total of points haven’t increased, an official letter is sent to Drivers and Vehicles License Department (DVLD) to release the suspended license.
    • If any traffic points are acquired during or after the suspension period, a ‘traffic violation’ note is to be issued and added to the DVLD records.

Points in the ‘Traffic Points System’ are calculated as the following:

  • If the violation is not caused by or associated with a traffic accident, calculation starts from the date of the violation.
  • If the violation is associated with a traffic accident that requires referral to a court, points are not added until a final verdict is issued.
  • In case of committing violation No. 10 of article No. 5, points are added in accordance with the following:
    • The driver’s blood-test shows an alcohol concentration exceeding the legal limit through a medical report signed by an accredited medical party.
      • The driver tests positive for psychotropic substances through a medical report signed by an accredited medical party.
      • The driver is drinking alcohol while driving.

The new system also states that once the total points reach the suspension limit, the registered points are not to be dropped unless the driving license got physically suspended, according to article 8/A of the law.

The driving license is considered invalid starting from the first day of suspension – according to the following:

Number of points Suspended
16-19 points 60 days
20-23 points 90 days
24-27 points

120 days

28+ points 180 days