Razzaz addresses Jordanians through his Facebook


Published: 2018-06-17 17:01

Last Updated: 2021-05-05 19:27

PM Omar Razzaz executing more decisions before the end of this week
 PM Omar Razzaz executing more decisions before the end of this week

Prime Minister Dr. Omar Razzaz posted on his Facebook profile Sunday that the aim of the cabinet reform was not to change existing ministers, but rather to form an economic team that understands the social dimensions of financial decisions and a service team that has specific goals to achieve and be held accountable for.

Razzaz revealed that the government will issue a group of measures before the end of the week and that it will announce specific tools for communication for the citizens' suggestions and ideas.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that he is a user of Social Media and he believes in its role, stressing that not every information posted on these platforms is true, citing some examples: "The Minister of Health did not take a disability benefit, the Minister of Communications is an engineer, and is a specialist in this field, the Minister of Industry and Trade is also a specialist in this field too and he is not a relative of a state official and the Minister of Culture was not fired from Amman Municipality. "

Razzaz pointed out that the government seeks a broad participation from the public in decision-making and the development of a culture and practices that lead the country to a bright future in steady steps, and the establishment of principles that assure that public money is people's money, adding that citizens have the right to contribute in determining priorities and monitor the government’s performance.

The Prime Minister assured that the ministerial team chosen is his responsibility, pointing out that he is accountable for the team's choice before God, His Majesty the King and all Jordanians.