Razzaz tweet goes viral


Published: 2018-06-08 15:15

Last Updated: 2018-06-08 15:15

Razzaz responded to the tweet on Thursday.
Razzaz responded to the tweet on Thursday.
Roya News Source

A tweet of the newly appointed Prime Minister Omar Al Razzaz in which he replies to a question posed by a Jordanian youth went viral on Thursday night.

The young follower, Qutaiba Bashabsheh, inquired whether Jordan will become “the way we want in the near future” so that Jordanians will stop thinking about immigrating.

Bashabsheh also joking finished of the tweet by tolling the PM to answer honestly and not to beat around the bush.

A few hours later, Razzaz, whose Twitter following approaches 300 thousand, replied affirmatively. “Dear Qutaiba, yes, get the thought of immigration out of your mind... just be enterprising and with everyone’s contribution we will achieve what we desire for ourselves and the upcoming generations, God willing.”

Hundreds of youth participated in the week-long protests that came to a close on Thursday evening after Razzaz promised his Cabinet would rescind the Income Tax Bill, which was the final blow that sparked the protests, when it is sworn in.