Video: Jordan's Crown Prince heads to the 4th Circle demonstrations


Published: 2018-06-04 10:28

Last Updated: 2023-09-29 00:44

Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah. (JuicyChitChats)
Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah. (JuicyChitChats)

A video emerged on social media of Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah at the Fourth Circle demonstrations in Amman on Sunday night.

The heir apparent of King Abdullah II addressed the police officers on duty and started off by delivering his father’s sincere greetings to them.

“You have made us proud,” he added.

Keeping Jordanian citizens in mind, the Crown Prince said that “the most crucial thing is the protection of our citizens, which is exactly what you have all done today. Allow them to voice their opinions, but make sure to protect them.”

The video ended with the prince being surrounded by security men, without any evidence of him addressing the protesters.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets near the Fourth Circle in the capital Amman on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Protesters demanded the overthrowing of Prime Minister Hani Al Mulki’s government, while protesting against the new Income Tax Bill (ITB) and commodity price increases.

On Sunday night, Prime Minister Hani Al Mulki was asked to appear before His Majesty King Abdullah II at Al Husseiniya Palace, a source informed Roya.

The source added that Al Mulki will appear before the King on Monday morning, with predictions that he will be dissolving his government and submitting his resignation.