Jordan's Crown Prince drenched with water after first solo flight


Published: 2018-05-29 13:41

Last Updated: 2018-05-29 13:49

How refreshing! (Instagram)
How refreshing! (Instagram)

There are many royal traditions Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah must follow, and there are others that he can’t “escape.” One of those is being drenched with water after completing his first solo helicopter flight, which he successfully accomplished on Monday.

Buckets of cold water were tipped over the 23-year-old’s head by his fellow army buddies, which he took in good spirits.

The prince, who is a second lieutenant in the Jordanian army, shared a video of the “water celebration” on his official Instagram page yesterday and captioned it: “Receiving the traditional water salute after my first helicopter solo training.”

More than 300,000 people watched the video since it was posted 16 hours ago.

Jordan’s heir apparent has an International History degree from Georgetown University, and graduated from the UK’s prestigious Sandhurst military academy in September.