Video: Two dead in high-speed police car crash


Published: 2018-05-27 12:24

Last Updated: 2018-05-27 14:08

The moment the police car crashed into the taxi. (Screenshot)
The moment the police car crashed into the taxi. (Screenshot)

Terrifying footage of a police car driving at high-speed and crashing into a taxi on the other side of the road went viral on Saturday.

The intense crash in Ras Al Ain, Amman, left two citizens dead and three policemen injured, a security source has said.

The same source told Roya that the citizen who died in the fatal accident was sitting inside the taxi; he was just 24-years-old. The taxi driver was transferred to Al Bashir Hospital but later succumbed to his wounds.

Meanwhile, the policemen are currently being treated at the King Hussein Medical Center.

It is unknown whether the police car was driving at high-speed because it was responding to a call, or because it was generally speeding.

An investigation has been launched into the cause of the accident.