Pro-Palestine flotilla departs Denmark to ‘break the siege’ on Gaza


Published: 2018-05-25 14:32

Last Updated: 2018-05-25 16:42

Photo of the flotilla
Photo of the flotilla
Roya News Source

Four ships with the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) departed Copenhagen, Denmark, on Monday, as they make their way to Gaza in an effort to “break the siege” on the enclave. A fourth ship is scheduled to follow them soon.

The pro-Palestine flotillas are expected to arrive at the Gaza shores in about two months.

Head of the International Committee for Breaking the Siege, Zaher Birawi, said that the boats have arrived in the German city of Kiel already. The boats will sail across the Atlantic Ocean before reaching the Mediterranean sea, passing through many European seaports.

At every port, the activists onboard will hold demonstrations in support of the Great Return March, which kicked off in Gaza on 30 March and ended with dozens of Palestinians being killed by Israeli fire and thousands more injured.

Gaza has been under siege by Israel for over a decade.

On Monday, hundreds of activists attended a ceremony in Sweden to mark the launch of the flotilla, which has a crew of pro-Palestine activists from over 20 countries, including Israel.

“In response to the brutal Israeli blockade, for seven years the Freedom Flotilla Coalition has carried out nonviolent direct actions aimed at raising international awareness and putting pressure on the international community to end the blockade," a statement from the group Canada Boat to Gaza reads.

"We sail this year for the right to a just future for Palestine… We will continue to put pressure on our governments and protest their complicity with Israel's crimes against humanity."

Several pro-Palestine flotillas were sent to Gaza over the years, some made it and others didn’t.