Lebanese beggar dies with millions in the bank


Published: 2018-05-17 10:03

Last Updated: 2018-05-17 11:52

The 52-year old beggar was found dead in a car in Beirut. (Annahar)
The 52-year old beggar was found dead in a car in Beirut. (Annahar)
Roya News Source

A Lebanese beggar was found dead in a car in Beirut on Tuesday, with millions to her name.

The 52-year old beggar was found with more than $3,300 in cash and a bank statement showing that she has $1.7 million in the bank.

Social media users caught a whiff of the story and it immediately went viral. Many of them wondered just how she managed to pull off her act for this long, and why she chose to live on the streets instead of using the money she’d “earned” on a decent living.

Via Gulf News

Residents in the neighbourhood where the woman was found told Gulf News that she’d lived on the streets for 20 years, adding that she had rented out the car she was found in from a man in their neighbourhood.

The residents also said that she would get picked up by a man once a month and return the next day; she would tell them that the man would take to see a doctor.

The country's Internal Security Forces confirmed that the beggar died of natural causes. Her body was returned to her family in Akkar village, where she was buried.

Begging is a problem prevalent all over the word. In Jordan, the government urges its citizens not to give money to beggars, as it is the only way to eradicate street begging. However, Ramadan is a time when people are required to give money to charity, and beggars receive a chunk of Good Samaritans’ alms, making it difficult to make a choice between giving or withholding money from those who we genuinely believe are in need.