ISTD: Income Tax Bill doesn't affect youth without income sources


Published: 2018-05-16 16:39

Last Updated: 2018-05-16 17:59

ISTD Director General, Hussam Abu Ali during the press conference.
ISTD Director General, Hussam Abu Ali during the press conference.
Roya News Source

The Income and Sales Tax Department (ISTD) refuted on Wednesday claims that the Income Tax Bill stipulates that all individuals over 18 years will be fined JD 100 if they did not submit their income tax declaration within the specified period.

The ISTD explained that the article only applies to individuals who have a source of income, exempting everyone else.

Their statement came in response to public outcry that youth in Jordan were rarely financially independent and did not have high levels of financial literacy.

“The information shared in a viral video claiming every 18 year-old will be fined JD 100 if they do not declare their taxes is baseless,” the statement read.

The department also requested concerned citizens and media outlets to direct their questions to them after examining the Income Tax Bill which is available on their website and the Legislation and Opinion Bureau for feedback.

On Tuesday, ISTD General, Hussam Abu Ali, held a press conference where he made statements and answered questions.

According to Abu Ali, claims that the poverty level for individuals which stood at of JD 813 income referred to annual and not monthly statistics, like portrayed in the media. It is noteworthy that this amounts to less than JD 70 per month and is based on 2010 statistics.

He reiterated that the proposed measures will increase the tax base to an additional 5 percent of the population, adding that the Treasury will gain JD 300 million in addition to the JD 938 million the department collects annually.

While the director was holding the press conference, 23 labour unions rejected the Income Tax Bill, calling for the formulation of a law that would guarantee legislative stability, especially in light of the current recession sweeping the country.