Sayegh Group honours its long-term employees


Published: 2018-05-11 12:27

Last Updated: 2018-05-11 13:41

Sayegh Group was established in 1932. (Roya)
Sayegh Group was established in 1932. (Roya)
Roya News Source

Sayegh Group held an honouring ceremony for its long-term employees on Thursday night. The ceremony honoured those who have been working for the Group for more than five years.

The annual event was held at the Orthodox Club in Amman, and it also paid special tribute to its employees who have been with the Group - established in 1932 - for 30 years.

During the event, Michel Sayegh, the Group’s CEO, said that “our Group is looking to the future through positive eyes” thanks to the immense efforts of our hard-working employees.

Fares Sayegh, the General Manager of Jordan’s top TV station, Roya TV, reiterated Michel Sayegh’s words, adding that this kind of celebration creates a sense of loyalty and affinity amongst the company’s employees.

Mr. Fares added that Roya TV has an exciting lineup of shows this Ramadan, and once again spoke about the media training academy which will be launching for the first time this month.

The “Roya Academy for Media Training” will open its doors in May 2018 at Roya's premises in Mecca Street.

The first-of-its-kind academy, accredited to the International Academy of Arts, Media and Creativity (IAAMC), will offer media courses delivered by an international and cross-disciplinary team of experts.

The academy will provide aspiring media professionals the access to courses delving into the latest innovation in digital media production. Individuals who enroll will receive a diploma that blends arts, media and creativity.


About Sayegh Group

Sayegh Group, established in 1932, is a leading multinational conglomerate of companies and investments is spreading across the Arab World, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia. The Group’s core business lies in the production, distribution and export of paints whereby it owns 18 paint factories worldwide.

Over the past 81 years, Sayegh Group has invested in a wide range of products, services and supportive industries such as chemical engineering industries, cookware, mining, real estate, as well as computers and electronics, banking, aviation and media. In 2011, Sayegh Group launched a new satellite channel “Roya TV” with the aim to delve the Arab visual media into the third millennium.

Today, Sayegh Group comprises of 35 companies and led by over 5000 dedicated employees. Sayegh Group is committed to assuring that all products are of highest quality, and comply with national and international standards as well as adhering to all safety measures. We are also committed to ensuring excellence in work, production, delivery and customer satisfaction.