How much tax money does Mulki’s gov spend on serving the Jordanian people?


Published: 2018-05-10 10:13

Last Updated: 2018-05-10 12:14

The PM assured Jordanians that they are the country’s “true wealth." (Continental Currency Exchange)
The PM assured Jordanians that they are the country’s “true wealth." (Continental Currency Exchange)
Roya News Source

Jordanian social media users often wonder: what does the government give its citizens in return for all the taxes they have to pay? Their question was answered by none other than Jordanian Prime Minister Hani Al Mulki, who said it was important to clarify how his government spends money from its treasury to provide numerous services for the people.

Al Mulki said during a ministerial meeting on Wednesday that “Jordan isn’t an oil-rich country, however, the services provided for Jordanian citizens in various sectors are of a higher calibre than what countries with ‘similar circumstances’ offer their citizens.”

The PM assured Jordanians that they are the country’s “true wealth,” adding that his government’s duty is to serve its citizens and society.

Moving on to the important question of how Jordanians’ tax money is spent, Al Mulki said that the money goes towards improving the level of services provided for citizens, pointing out that in comparison with countries who have a similar economic situation to Jordan, the Kingdom provides an advanced level of services in the education, health, transport, telecommunications, infrastructure and other sectors.

Despite the tough economic times the country is currently going through, Al Mulki said that his government has not stopped nor reduced its injection of money into those sectors. In fact, numerous service projects in various sectors were implemented across the Kingdom, some of which are huge projects that “must be presented to the public.”

Al Mulki asked the ministers in the meeting to share with the public how much their ministries spend on the services they provide, in addition to the importance of their continued improvement of those services.

How much of the government’s budget is spent on those services was not revealed to the public, however, based on the PM’s recommendations to his ministers, those figures could come to light in the near future.