UAE teacher punished for dancing with his students


Published: 2018-05-03 13:57

Last Updated: 2018-05-03 15:01

This image is for illustrative purposes only. (YouTube)
This image is for illustrative purposes only. (YouTube)
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Connecting with your students as a teacher comes in many forms; dancing can be one of them.

However, a state school in Sharjah, the UAE, begs to differ.

After a video of one of its teachers dancing with his students went viral on social media, the school punished the educator by transferring him to a new school, in another city.

In the video, the students were reportedly dancing and creating a ruckus, before the teacher joined in on the action, reported Khaleej Times.

An official at the Sharjah Education Zone (SEZ) explained that "the teacher did not seem like he was in control of the class and allowed the students to create ruckus.”

The official added: “He even danced with them, without realising that such a behaviour is against the values of the UAE society."

Meanwhile, the students’ parents were summoned by the Ministry of Education and asked to sign a paper promising that their children would never repeat the same act again, while the students’ mobile phones were confiscated.

Khaleej Times spoke to some of those parents, who said that the Ministry of Education must not be lenient with this type of behaviour.

However, many people would argue that kids are kids, and that we should let them act their age and be happy.

Dancing is a great way to boost children's energy. It also shows that those students are happy kids, and when they’re happy, they’re more likely to connect with their teacher and feel keen to learn from them.