Thunderstorms and dust for next two days


Published: 2018-04-25 10:38

Last Updated: 2018-04-25 14:13

Rain and slight drop in tempratures expected in Jordan. (ArabiaWeather)
Rain and slight drop in tempratures expected in Jordan. (ArabiaWeather)

Thunderstorms affected Jordan early Wednesday morning and temperatures dropped slightly across several parts of the country.

The scattered showers are expected to increase in magnitude and be accompanied by thunder. Flash floods may be expected in valleys and low altitude areas, Arabia Weather warned.

In Amman, maximum temperatures will reach 20 °C, colder than the previous day by 6 °C. At night, temperatures will stand at 9 °C, colder than the previous night by 4 °C and rain will be accompanied with hail.

Temperatures in southern governorates are expected to reach 16 °C and drop to 9 °C at night. In Aqaba however, warmer temperatures are expected to prevail with a highs of 28 °C and lows of 19 °C.

Dust will also be prevalent throughout the kingdom leading to limited visibility and putting those with breathing problems at risk. The weather conditions will remain dusty and rainy for both Wednesday and Thursday.