Trump holds Syria and Russia responsible for chemical attack


Published: 2018-04-12 13:21

Last Updated: 2018-04-12 15:44

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders during a press briefing. (file photo)
Press Secretary Sarah Sanders during a press briefing. (file photo)
Roya News Source

Donald Trump holds Syria and Russia responsible for the chemical weapons attack in Eastern Ghouta, according to White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders. Her remarks came in response to questions related to Syria during the Wednesday press briefing.

Despite earlier remarks by the Defense Secretary claiming the US was still assessing intelligence relevant to the chemical attack, Sanders asserted that the President held Russia responsible as they had guaranteed Syria would not use chemical weapons.

“They [Russia] also hold some responsibility in the fact that they have the six UN resolutions that they vetoed to help protect Assad,” Sanders added.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the President had addressed Russia’s assertion that they will shoot down missiles fired at Syria by telling them they shouldn’t partner with a “Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!”
In regards to Trump’s “Get Ready Russia” tweet, where he threatened “missiles will be coming”, Sanders maintained that the government had a “number of options” which were still on the table, without providing a specific timeline as a final decision had not been made.

She reiterated that all options were on the table, without excluding diplomatic channels, and confirmed that if a military strike was to be carried out in Syria, the administration would follow laws and regulations including obtaining authorization from Congress.

The Press Secretary also dismissed a question whether the president’s emotive tweet was in any way a threat to US national security and asserted that the US was in regular contact with regional allies including France, UK, Saudi Arabia and Israel.