Husband donates kidney to save wife's life, she leaves him 12 months later


Published: 2018-04-11 12:02

Last Updated: 2018-04-11 13:06

It is unknown why the woman walked out on her marriage. (
It is unknown why the woman walked out on her marriage. (
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“In sickness and in health” is the vow a husband and wife promise to stick to when they get married. However, an Egyptian woman left her husband just one year after he donated one of his kidneys to save her life.

The woman had to ask an Islamic court for “Khula,” which allows her to divorce her husband on the condition that she gives up all her marital rights and returns her “maher” (money and jewelry given to her when they wed) and “mo’akhar” (money given to the woman if her husband divorces her).

It is unknown why the woman walked out on her marriage, which lasted for nine happy years, with two children, according to local media.

“We had a good living and there is no persuasive reason for the break-up,” he said. “We are like any other couple who have been through ups and downs. She left our home more than once and asked me for divorce during heated moments, but I never imagined that she would file for a Khula after a long married life,” the distraught husband said.

During the couple’s divorce hearing, the husband presented the court with medical documents proving that he had donated his kidney after his wife’s health severely deteriorated, according to the Egypt Independent.

Not only did the doting husband give up one of his organs for his wife, but he told the court that he’d spent a fortune to save her life.

“When all the treatments failed and doctors confirmed that there was no alternative but a kidney transplant, I gave her my kidney to relieve her pain, as she had been suffering from the disease and dialysis pain for a long time, and also to prevent my daughters from seeing their mother die before their eyes,” he said.

Despite his family’s objection to donating his kidney to his “impolite” wife, the husband looked the other way and insisted on saving the mother of his children.

“Just 12 months after the transplant, she left the house and asked me for a divorce, [saying] she cannot bear life with me, and she did not give a convincing reason for it,” he said.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the woman filed three complaints against her husband after filing for divorce, tried to take custody of their children and filed a lawsuit demanding the acquirement of her marital assets.