Jordanian MPs defend FTA with Turkey


Published: 2018-04-10 16:29

Last Updated: 2018-04-10 16:32

Jordan and Turkey signed the FTA in 2009 (Embassy of Jordan in Turkey)
Jordan and Turkey signed the FTA in 2009 (Embassy of Jordan in Turkey)
Roya News Source

Twenty Jordanian MPs signed a memo on Tuesday urging the government to reconsider the suspension of the Free Trade Deal (FTA) with Turkey.

The FTA suspension was introduced by Minister of Industry, Trade and Supplies, Yarub Qudah, in March and enters in effect in November.

In the memo, which is proposed by MP Khalil Attieh, the MPs defend the FTA and claim the suspension was not based on thorough evaluation and urge the government to take into consideration its potential economic impact.

The MPs acknowledged the hardships the Jordanian economy faces and stressed that in light of the instability in the region, Jordan’s trade would suffer if the suspension went into force.

After the announcement of the suspension in March, Mousa al-Saket, head of the campaign “Made in Jordan”, praised the decision as a move to justify the rights of local industries and protect the local economy from the shortcomings of the FTA.

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