5 Things you can learn from a Jordanian


Published: 2018-04-01 17:34

Last Updated: 2018-04-01 17:55

Editor: Arwad Khalifeh

Jordanians love to learn good values from other nations too. (Findaspeech.com)
Jordanians love to learn good values from other nations too. (Findaspeech.com)
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Each country has positive and negative stereotypes attached to it, but if you’re not familiar with Jordanian culture, then this article is for you.

Jordanians are known for many things, sadly, having good driving skills is not one of them. But why focus on the negatives when there are so many positives? No nation is perfect, after all.

Five of the many things one can learn from a Jordanian are listed below.

1. Spontaneity

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When Jordanians want to see their friends and family, no appointment is needed. They simply pick up the phone, call their loved ones and off they go. This spontaneous attitude towards life brings Jordanians closer to each other, gives them a sense of “I can count on you,” and reminds them that life is too short, so enjoy it while you can. #TheBestThingsInLifeAreUnplanned


2. Generosity

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You might never meet anyone more generous than a Jordanian. They’re warm, inviting and hospitable, as well as understand precisely how a guest should be treated. Yes, Jordanians put the A in the Art of Hospitality. #Welcome


3. Perseverance

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Nothing can bring Jordanians down. No matter the struggle, the obstacle or the hardship, they resist, persist and insist in order to survive. #NeverGiveUp


4. Patience

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Patience is a virtue and a trait acquired by Jordanians who have to deal with many frustrating situations on a daily basis (several times a day). But instead of letting things get to them, they take a deep breath, enter their “Zen Zone” and practice patience. #CalmNotCross


5. Budgeting

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Jordanians are great at budgeting: they know exactly what to spend their money on and how to spend it wisely. It’s not because they want to, but because they have to. Seeing as many are struggling to make ends meet, desperate times call for desperate measures, and the outcome is excellent budgeting skills. #AskAJordanian