7 Fun things to do in Amman without breaking the bank


Published: 2018-03-26 17:32

Last Updated: 2024-05-25 21:58

Editor: Arwad Khalifeh

Life is too precious not to live it to its fullest. (OneClass)
Life is too precious not to live it to its fullest. (OneClass)

Remember when we were kids and we never had to worry about paying for anything, because, you know, our parents, their siblings and sometimes their friends did it for us? Those were the days.

And now, as adults, we’re facing the harsh reality of just how expensive it is to live in a big city like Amman.

Gone are the days when a packet of crisps from the mini mart near home cost a mere 5 Piastres out of our 50 Piastre daily allowance. Today, we’re lucky to even find one for as little as 30 Piastres.

But life doesn’t have to be so grim and gloomy when living paycheck to paycheck. There are some things you can still enjoy in this city without breaking the bank. Below are 7 of them:


Hotel lobby

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There’s no law against paying a visit to five star hotels in Amman, and luckily for you, there are a few of those across the city. If you can’t afford to wine and dine there, why not pick a nice spot in the lobby and enjoy the soft tunes of the live piano. If there’s no piano in sight, just relax and let your mind, body and soul meditate to the tender music in the background, after explaining to the waiter that you’re there “waiting” for someone.


Treat your taste buds

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What’s life without good food? Food and Farmers markets are gaining popularity in Amman, which is a real treat for foodies and for you. Yes, YOU. Because you can sample bits and bobs from each food stall for free, and learn a little bit about each product along the way.


Revisit history

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History will never repeat itself, which is why there is no time like the present to visit all the ancient ruins in Amman and find a new way of looking at them. How about you try and decipher the written text on walls and columns, find a secret temple or passage, or take a picture of the site you’re visiting from an angle that hasn’t been explored before.


Culturalize yourself

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If you have free time to indulge in a bit of art, visiting a museum, art gallery or cultural exhibition is what you need to do. For starters, they’re usually free to attend, and you can spend hours analyzing, exploring and admiring the unique beauty each piece you will come across will have to offer.


I scream, you scream, we all love ice cream

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Simply put, ice cream can make anyone happy, and one or two scoops of it will not leave holes in your pockets. So go old school and eat some ice cream on the side of the road, just like we used to when we were little. #TheSimpleLife


Go back in time

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Take a trip down memory lane by visiting an antique shop in downtown Amman, Weibdeh or Rainbow Street. It would be fun to look at decades-old items and try and figure out the history behind them or what they were used for in the past. Admiring all things old will make you grateful for the technology you have today, and glad that those items have been preserved.


Twinkle, twinkle, little star

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They say the best things in life are free, and whoever coined that phrase was absolutely right. For this activity, all you need is a rooftop and your eyes to gaze at the shape-shifting clouds or sparkling stars above.