Israeli forces attack Palm Sunday procession in Jerusalem


Published: 2018-03-26 10:23

Last Updated: 2018-03-26 10:48

Footage from the Palm Sunday march in Jerusalem. (Maan)
Footage from the Palm Sunday march in Jerusalem. (Maan)
Roya News Source

Thousands of Christian worshippers who follow the Eastern Christian churches marched from the the Mount of Olives, also known as Jabal al-Zaytun or Al-Tur, towards Saint Catherine's Monastery in the Lions’ Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on Sunday.

They celebrated Palm Sunday by carrying palm fronds and chanting special hymns.

Israeli forces beat up the worshippers celebrating the Christian holiday, just meters away from the Church of Saint Anne in the Old City, Ma’an news agency reported.

The army also banned marching Palestinian Christians from carrying the Palestinian flag, and attacked those who tried to raise it. However, several people from European countries were allowed to carry their countries’ flags, according to Ma’an.

Chancellor of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Ibrahim Shomali, told Ma’an that it is every person’s right to carry their country’s flag, just like those who did at the procession from Argentina, Brazil, Spain and other countries.

“It is not the right of anyone to ban us from our right.”

Palm Sunday marks the start of the Holy Week that commemorates Jesus’ entrance in Jerusalem, his crucifixion and resurrection on Easter Sunday, the Sunday that follows Palm Sunday.