A palpable rise in temperatures and more dust to come


Published: 2018-03-25 17:47

Last Updated: 2018-03-25 17:53

Winds will stir dust across the kingdom (Flicker)
Winds will stir dust across the kingdom (Flicker)
Roya News Source

After the significant drop in temperatures on Sunday, a palpable temperature rise will reach 9-10 degree above the annual average on Monday, according to Jordan Meteorological Department.

In Amman, daytime temperatures will reach highs of 22°C during the day and lows of 12°C at night.

Meanwhile, a relatively hot weather will take over in Aqaba and Jordan Valley with temperatures reaching highs of 31°C and lows of 20°C .

South easterly winds will stir dust in various areas across the kingdom, on both Monday and Tuesday.