Two and four-year tawjihi bans reduced to one year


Published: 2018-03-18 13:45

Last Updated: 2018-03-18 14:08

File photo of Tawjihi students taking an exam
File photo of Tawjihi students taking an exam
Roya News Source

Tawjihi students who have received a two or four-year ban before the latest winter session will be allowed to sit for the summer session of 2018, as long as one year has passed since the ban, according to the official Gazette.

The one year term also applies to students who received a ban during the winter session of 2018. Therefore, they will have to wait until the coming winter session to take exams.

The Ministry of Education announced last week that students taking the exam during the 2018/2019 session will be able to choose three subjects, where the two highest-scoring among them will be calculated in the total average, meaning that the final average will be seven out of eight subjects.