Settlers attack Palestinians, destroy personal belongings


Published: 2018-03-12 12:25

Last Updated: 2018-03-12 12:43

Settlers throwing rocks surrounded by the Israeli army (alquds)
 Settlers throwing rocks surrounded by the Israeli army (alquds)
Roya News Source

A number of Israeli settlers attacked Palestinians and tried to set the local mosque on fire in the Southern Hebron village of al-Tiwani on Monday, Maan reported citing locals.

According to the villagers, 30 settlers from the settlements of Maon and Havat Maon raided the village under the protection of Israeli soldiers.

One of the victims said the settlers threw rocks at his home and broke his car on Sunday, and renewed the attack on the village the following day.

In 2015, Israel passed a law that penalises rock-throwing at Israelis with up to 20 years in prison. Hundreds of Palestinians have been detained for rock-throwing at settlers in the past few years.

In contrast, settlers in the West Bank constantly organize attacks on different villages and towns.