Kids' toy product Slime now banned in Jordan


Published: 2018-03-12 11:35

Last Updated: 2018-03-12 12:25

Slime is no longer allowed to be imported or produced in Jordan. (File photo)
Slime is no longer allowed to be imported or produced in Jordan. (File photo)
Roya News Source

After kids’ popular toy product “Slime” was pulled from some Jordanian stores due to its dangerous effect on children’s health, the Minister of Health, Mahmoud Al Sheyyab, banned the importing and production of the slimey, viscous product.

Some doctors and health experts said last week that during the past period, more than one child in Jordan had been poisoned while playing with Slime.

Slime is primarily made out of Boric acid, a chemical which “should not be touched or inhaled by children,” spokesman for the Health Ministry, Hatem Al Azraei, warned in a statement on Sunday.

Other ingredients that go into making the toy include glue and polyvinyl acetate, which, when inhaled, causes major damage to the respiratory system and itching of all the mucous membranes in the body.

Al Azraei further warned that Slime can be easily swallowed and possibly absorbed by the skin if there are any fresh cuts on it.

The spokesman said that the Ministry has ordered its sister departments across the country to take the necessary measures to pull Slime from all stores in their Governorates.

Awareness campaigns about the dangers of Slime are currently being created by the Ministry and its sister departments.