UK Labour Party suspends members for supporting Palestine


Published: 2018-03-09 19:00

Last Updated: 2018-03-10 09:47

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn
Roya News Source

The British Labour Party has suspended some of its members for publicly supporting Palestinians, and being a part of an “anti-Semitic” Facebook group, The Guardian reported on Thursday.

The Labour Party said that the suspended members belong to a Facebook group called “Palestine Live” where “conspiracy theories” and holocaust denial posts can be found.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, known for publicly supporting Palestine, was a part of the group before leaving it in 2015. Corbyn is known for calling for the removal of Hamas from Britain’s terrorist groups list and supporting the Lebanese militant group of Hezbollah.

Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks reacted to the suspension calling on his party to "adopt a zero-tolerance approach to anti-Semitism." He added that the policy must be followed "much more vigorously than it has done until now."

Israel is known for its activity on social media platforms fighting against anti-Israel posts and pages. It often considers any comments against the state of Israel as anti-Semitic.