Netanyahu opens exhibit “representing the truth” on Jerusalem


Published: 2018-03-09 12:55

Last Updated: 2018-03-09 13:36

Netanyahu and his wife while opening the exhibit in the New York. (DailyMail)
Netanyahu and his wife while opening the exhibit in the New York. (DailyMail)

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu opened an exhibit entitled "3000 years of history: Jews in Jerusalem" on Thursday in the United Nations headquarters in New York city.

It is organized by the Israeli Mission in the UN and according to Netanyahu it “represents the truth” about the city of Jerusalem “that is being denied by those who seek to erase the history of our people”.

The exhibition includes paintings, documents and archaeological pieces trying to reinforce the claims that Jews are historically connected to the city of Jerusalem.

The UN made sure to add a disclaimer in the exhibit’s hallway stating that the content did not reflect the UN's view.

Netanyahu slammed the UN by saying “I saw a sign on the entrance saying that this exhibition does not represent the United Nations. Of course, it does not represent the United Nations, because it represents the truth. We will continue telling the truth everywhere, including in the United Nations.”.

His remarks follow the UN vote to reject the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December. The move stirred anger and frustration among Palestinians and Arabs who demanded the US revoked the decision.