Mulki reshuffles Cabinet for the 6th time


Published: 2018-02-25 14:39

Last Updated: 2018-02-25 16:30


A Royal Decree was issued on Sunday approving a government reshuffle, the Royal Hashemite Court (RHC) announced in a statement.

The following nine ministers took the oath before King Abdullah II on Sunday in Al-Husayniyah Royal Palace according to the statement:
1. Minister of Prime Ministry Affairs: Jamal Sarayrah
2. Minister of Economic Affairs: Jafar Hassan
3. Minister of Water and Irrigation: Ali al-Ghazzawi
4. Minister of Labor: Samir Abdul Muti
5. Minister of Environment: Nayef Al Fayez
6. Minister of Youth: Bashir Al-Rawashdeh
7. Minister of Interior: Sameer Al-Mbaideen
8. Minister of Awqaf Islamic Affairs and Holy Places: Abdul-Naser Abu-Basal
9. Minister of Legal Affairs: Ahmad Al Owidi

This is the sixth reshuffle of the Mulki government since it was formed in May 2016. Here are the eight ministers who tendered their resignations to Prime Minister Hani Mulki during a session held on Sunday:
1. Minister of Prime Ministry Affairs: Mamdouh Al Abbadi
2. Minister of Water and Irrigation: Hazem Nasser
3. Interior Minister: Ghaleb Al Zubi
4. Minister of Labor: Ali al-Ghazzawi
5. Minister of Environment: Yaseen Khayyat
6. Minister of Awqaf Islamic Affairs and Holy Places: Wael Arabiyat
7. Minister of Legal Affairs: Bisher Khasawneh
8. Minister of Youth: Hadithah Khreisha

Last week Mulki government survived a Lower House vote of no confidence that was filed by several MPs on Feb. 4.
The vote was requested for several reasons, including the government lack of vision in addressing current challenges and imposing higher taxes on citizens.

Even though Mulki dodged the vote of no-confidence trust has markedly decreased. When his government was given the vote of confidence 15 months ago, only 15 MPs voted against. This time, more than three times the number showed lack of confidence in the government’s ability to implement reform.