US radio host gives birth live on air during breakfast show


Published: 2018-02-23 14:27

Last Updated: 2018-02-23 19:38

A picture of Cassidy Proctor with her baby. (Supplied)
A picture of Cassidy Proctor with her baby. (Supplied)

In an unheard-of move, an American radio presenter gave birth live on air so she could “share the moment her son came into the world with her listeners,” The Telegraph reported.

Cassiday Proctor, a co-host on The Arch station in Missouri, was working on her show when she felt her contractions coming, two weeks before her due date.

“Our radio show is all about sharing our personal lives, so it seemed like a natural fit to share this moment with our listeners.

“It was not something I wanted to keep private as I have shared my pregnancy on air since the day I announced that we were expecting a baby,” the 33-year-old DJ told The Telegraph after the birth.

During Proctor’s C-section, a nurse held up a phone so listeners could hear the delivery from start to finish. The baby arrived at 7:45 am during the station’s morning show.

Talking to the KSDK news channel, Proctor said that “it was really cool to be able to share that with our listeners because they have been there for the whole journey with me, [from] announcing I was pregnant.”

“I was only nervous about bringing a child into the world. The part about putting it on the radio - I do that every day. So it was nervousness about him being okay,” she added.

Prior to going into labour, the presenter had asked her listeners to call in with baby-name suggestions.

“We were struggling to come up with a name so we asked the listeners to help,” she explained.

She and her husband Jerry, a 34-year-old high school teacher, chose the name “Jameson” for their baby.

How will baby Jameson feel about listening to his own birth when he’s older?

“I guess that’s something we will have to wait and see,” she reflected.

You can listen to the full delivery by clicking here.