What's the story behind the Jordanian toddler stuck in a vase?


Published: 2018-02-21 10:24

Last Updated: 2018-02-21 15:53

The little girl stuck in the copper vase. (Video)
The little girl stuck in the copper vase. (Video)
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Some parents will go to extreme lengths to take the perfect picture of their child, and it was claimed that this Jordanian mama called the Civil Defense Directorate after a photoshoot session with her daughter went wrong.

A video of the incident went viral on social media, and according to some amused users’ comments, the mother had placed her young child in a copper vase to have her picture taken in it, however, the space was too tight and her legs got stuck inside.

In the video, the girl continued to cry as firefighters tirelessly tried to set her free.

However, a man claiming to be the girl’s father denied the made-up story.

Commenting on the video on Facebook, Jameel Badran set the record straight.

“Enough, people. I’m the girl’s father and the story about my girl is false. The girl was playing and voluntarily sat inside the vase. Thank God that the Civil Defense Directorate did an amazing job and she is doing well now.”

Despite Badran’s explanation, the comments kept pouring in, with most people being critical of the mother and the fact that she calmly filmed the incident while her child was suffering.

One user said: “If it wasn't the mother's fault and the girl was just playing, that's OK. But the disaster is that she was filming. Fine, film it, but why share it on social media.”

Another wrote: “I’m so intimidated by how calm the mother is; filming while her child cries. Those types of mothers need to be burned.”

A third person commented: “Is she seriously filming while the girl cries? I can’t comprehend that.”

Roya News English tried but failed to reach Badran for comment.