4 Things to look forward to after graduating Tawjihi


Published: 2018-02-19 19:26

Last Updated: 2018-02-19 21:57

It's time for change now that you've graduated from Tawjihi. (HRD Australia)
It's time for change now that you've graduated from Tawjihi. (HRD Australia)
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Tawjihi is arguably the most dreaded stage of every Jordanian student’s secondary education.

Why? Because Tawjihi results determine whether you will get into university, and if you do, whether you will get into the university of your choice and study the subject of your desire.

During that tough year, students are scrutinized by their parents, teachers and society. And for 99% of those poor creatures, life turns upside down, diet goes out the window, social outings become non-existent, mothers can’t sleep with worry and literally nothing else matters.

Thousands of students celebrated passing the first term of Tawjihi on Saturday, but they still have a second term to complete, and pass. And when they do, these are the 4 things they can look forward to.



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University marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of those who attend it. It’s a chance for you to build your character, meet people from all walks of life, expand your horizons, learn new skills, study the subjects that you actually enjoy and become much more independent.



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When you were studying for Tawjihi, you were bound by a strict revision schedule, mismatched body clock and other things you’d rather forget. Thankfully, now you have the luxury of creating your own routine and actually enjoying it.



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Now that you’re officially an adult, you have the freedom to make your own choices (and mistakes), earn money, vote, drive, control your time and begin your journey of self-discovery.



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Leaving high school behind, you’ll now slowly become wiser, stop worrying about the little things and gain a new perspective on life.