6 Tips to surviving the single life in Amman


Published: 2018-02-10 15:25

Last Updated: 2018-02-11 10:27

Being single should not make you unhappy. (Alicia H. Clark)
Being single should not make you unhappy. (Alicia H. Clark)

Any big city can seem lonely if you don’t have a special someone to enjoy it with, and Amman is no exception.

While some people in the Jordanian capital are choosing to fly solo, others are so terrified of being alone, they’d rather be serial-daters than single!

If you’re struggling to find someone, forget someone or deal with someone, here are 6 tips to surviving the single life in Amman.


Give your time to others

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Don’t waste your free time scrolling down the #RelationshipGoals hashtag on Instagram. If your day takes as long to end as it does for payday to arrive, dedicate some time to volunteering. Giving back to the community will reduce stress, combat depression and keep you mentally stimulated.


Take comfort in reading divorce statistics

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Many research studies suggest that those in a relationship are happier than those who are single, but Jordan’s high divorce rate begs to differ. Don’t laugh at others’ pain, but know that being single does not necessarily translate into being “miserable.”


Expand your horizons

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Feeling stuck in a rut? Don’t. Amman has a thousand and one things to offer, so why not try something new and start dance classes, learn a new language, try a new exercise regime, take up singing lessons, learn how to paint, or anything else your heart desires.


Do things alone and ENJOY them

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It’s not really a part of Jordanian culture for people to go out and do things alone. But it’s a healthy part of life to learn to do things solo, such as going to the cinema, dining out, attending exhibitions, touring a museum, attending a concert, reading a book in a park or going out for a walk.


Find out who you really are

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Let’s face it, whenever we’re in a relationship we barely make time for ourselves. Rather than your other half becoming the centre of your attention, you should become the centre of your world. You’ll be amazed at what you might discover.


Smile and ignore

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Pushy parents and nosy neighbours are usually the ones to make you feel “bad” about being single - because God forbid that you turn 30 and you’re still childless. The solution? When they nag about marriage, use the “smile and ignore” tactic and follow the 5 tips mentioned above.